Best Paying Dividends in the Stock Market in 2019

Best Paying Dividends in the Stock Market in 2019

Picking Out Your Best Paying Dividends for 2019

Investing in the US stock market has been, and will continue to be, one of the most rewarding investments one could make. Searching and investing in some of the best paying dividends in the stock market is nothing new. The stock market has been around since the beginning of the 1800s and people have been making (and loosing) money every since. Although there are MANY ways to make money in the stocks markets, one of the more popular ways is by stock dividends. Stock dividends are payments made by a company or corporation to the shareholders. Certain companies will offer dividends as an incentive to buy and hold their stock shares.

Searching For The Best Paying Dividends

Now, looking for safe, high paying dividends can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. And when it comes time to choosing stocks to invest in, it can prove even more difficult than you thought. Tying in the total amount of stocks that offer dividend pay outs, with some competitive rates among some of the more popular names in the market can get pretty tricky. So, we went and did the dirty work for you as we sorted through thousands of stocks offering dividend payouts while on the search for some of the best paying dividends for 2019.

A List of Our Picks of Best Paying Dividends for 2019

StockTickerCurrent Dividend Yield
Altria Group$MO6.5%
Ford Motor Co.$F7.7%
General Mills$GIS4.5%
Occidental Petroleum Corp.$OXT4.5%
Philip Morris International$PM6.0%
Verizon Communications$VZ4.5%

Some of these like AT&T Ford and General Mills are quite familiar names. Seeing those big name companies at the top of our best paying dividends list is definitely comforting and can help when you’re seeking out potential future investments.

A Small Overview of Our Picks of Best Paying Dividends

AT&T - $T

-AT&T has been paying out dividends since the 80’s and has been increasing their payout on a regular basis. Although they’re already pretty big, AT&T still plans on growing as there’s been talk of business plans between them and Ford, as well as with Amazon.

Best Paying Stock Dividends of 2019 AT&T

Altria Group - $MO

-Altria is one of the worlds largest producers and marketers in the tobacco industry. They’ve also jumped into the E-Cigarettes world meaning they’re keeping up with the times. They’ve also invested into the marijuana industry with a $1.8 billion investment into the Cronos Group.

Best Paying Stock Dividends of 2019 Altria

ExxonMobil - $XOM

-ExxonMobil is the worlds leading energy company when it comes to overall profits. As a leader in the oil and gas industry, ExxonMobil has legitimately established itself over the decades. Although the industry may be a little volatile at the money, the future is looking bright with $XOM and it holds as a top choice when it comes to dividend payouts.

Ford - $F

-Ford has been a leading domestic automaker for decades and shows no signs of slowing down. With its #1 selling top of the line truck lineup it’s safe to say that they’ll be around for a while. Investing in Ford for some long term dividend returns may prove very beneficial. 

Best Paying Stock Dividends of 2019 Ford

General Mills - $GIS

-General Mills is one of the hugest consumer foods manufactures and marketers in the world. They operate worldwide, and provide numerous different products like Blue Buffalo, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cookie Crisp and more. They were founded in 1896 and have been operating nonstop since. Safe to say they’ll probably be around for a while.

Occidental Petroleum Corp. - $OXT

-The Occidental Petroleum Corp. is more than just a petroleum company. Aside from the fact that they were ranked 9th in 2018 on the list of largest producers of petroleum in Texas, they are also investing into hydrocarbon exploration and petrochemical manufacturing. They also show no signs of slowing down when it comes to drilling, so I’d say they’re a safe bet.


– ONEOK is deep in the world of natural gas. They have their hands in all sections of the business, from transportation, storage, processing and even gathering, all within the United States. Not only that, but they have tons of natural gas pipelines that run through numerous states throughout the country. I don’t think they’ll be running out of gas or cash flow anytime soon. 

Philip Morris International - $PM

– Philip Morris, one of if not the largest cigarette focused business’ out there. Over the last few years cigarette use has gone down due mainly to health concerns, which would bring one to truly consider the long term worth of Philip Morris. Knowing that people are leaning more towards their health over their nicotine fix, one would understand questioning this investment. That being said, both cigarette and e-cigarette use are still very popular, so there is still a valid argument that $PM could be here for the long run.

Best Paying Stock Dividends of 2019 Philip Morris

Target - $TGT

– Target has been around for over a century and shows no signs of leaving anytime soon. Regardless of the everlasting online shopping boom, Target has stood its ground. Looking at their financials, you can see that they still continue to show a growth in estimated quarterly and annual revenue, which is always a great sign for investors.

Verizon - $VZ

-For the last few decades Verizon has been dominating virtual communications worldwide. They service everyone from everyday consumer to government agencies worldwide, and have their hands in just about everything else communications related. Needless to say they’ve got a strong business structure and will most definitely be around for a while.

What Are Your Picks for Best Paying Dividends?

We laid out who we believe to be our top dividend picks for 2019. Let us know what your thoughts are! Do you have some of the same picks? Are there other picks that you think are more beneficial? Share your thoughts and knowledge with your fellow hustlers! Be sure to check out our other pages from our list of best books for millennial hustlers, to our list of best brain foods!

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