Best Web Host for Your Website 2019

Best Web Host for Your Website 2019

The internet is now one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. ESPECIALLY with the convenience and ability to purchase nearly anything from the computer, phone or tablet. Now, it shouldn’t be surprise that there are tons of Hustlers out there utilizing the internet in one way or another. And not only that, but a lot of Hustlers actually built their business’ solely from online. So, with that being said, having a reliable web host service is critical. If you’re website is down, there is no way you’ll be able to make a sale, or money, in any way. Any business owner or Hustler out there knows, that a downed website is no joke and not tolerable.

Best & Worst Web Host for 2019

Over the years I’ve dealt with a couple different web hosting services. In all honesty it will truly depend on what you’re planning on doing with your site. Including how much content you have on it, how much traffic you anticipate coming through it, etc. When it comes down to it, whoever you decide to go with for your web hosting services will make one of the hugest impacts on your website, so be sure to pick one accordingly.

Web Host Candidates For 2019



Bluehost is another popular web host, so popular and reliable that even recommends them! If that wasn’t enough too get your interested, then maybe the 2,000,000 websites that they’ve hosted since 2003 might! Definitely a worthy and highly recommended web host prospect.

Incredible Reliability


Hostgator is easily one of the most beginner friendly web host out there. They offer exceptionally cheap rates, as well as free website migration. (For those who need to transfer their site over). Hostgator is definitely one of the more popular cheap hosting services out there.

Very Cost Effective


Siteground has been one of the more reliable web hosts in my opinion. I have ran web pages on Siteground before and had zero issues. They offer great low rates and include a free SSL when you purchase a domain with them as well. 

Great With WordPress
Web Hosting


So I’ll start off by saying I have used Hostinger, but not for very long. When I did I chose the 3 month option for a short term campaign page. During the time I did use Hostinger it was truly nice and convenient. They offer a variety of price options depending on how long you plan to have their service. My 3 month plan costed me roughly$12 or about $4 a month. If you’re planning on keeping the website for a while, they do offer a 2 year plan for as low as $1.45 a month.

Cheapest Host

A2 hosting

A2 Hosting is known for having some pretty great loading speeds comparably speaking. With their low prices and incredible customer service they’re definitely worth mentioning when it comes to web hosting. 

Very Fast Loading Time


One of the most popular web hosting sites is GoDaddy. Maybe you’ve seen their commercials on TV? GoDaddy has been in the game for a few years as well and doesnt show signs of leaving anytime soon. I still to this day see new websites with the label “Built with GoDaddy” haha. Personally I’ve never used them, but I also have not heard the best reviews regarding their hosting services. I would say Tread lightly with them.

Great Customer Service


WP-Engine is a great candidate when it comes down to picking a host. Since they’re a part of WordPress, natural WP-Engine was designed around working with WordPress. Although a solid choice, WP-Engine does come with a price, with lowest startup plans starting at about $35 a month. OUCH!

Great Up-Time and Customer Service


Hostpapa, another VERY cheap hosting service, has all of the add ons that everyone else is offering. Although it may not be the absolute best functionality wise, they do have some pretty awesome deals. I’ve seen them as low as $1 for shared hosting. And at times they even have deals offering free domains with your site! So if you’re site is pretty basic and maybe just an informational front page regarding your business, this might be best for you!



Namehero has gained some popularity over the years with their VPS cloud based hosting. Along with their amazing customer support “heros”. Their prices are not too bad, about average in comparison to the rest. But they also include a domain with your plan!

Great Speed!
4/5 is pretty nice because it’s mainly a domain name site but also has web hosting features. They offer the normal options depending on your level of web page use you intend to do, along with a free SSL which will definitely come in handy later on down the road. It is a bit on the cheaper side, so some things like customer service and web page loading speeds may not be the best, but still a great option nonetheless.

Great Price Plans

Our Best Web Host Choice for 2019


Here at My Millennial Hustler we run with Siteground for our web host service. They offer some great rates, they have a very reliable host service and the loading speeds are great. The reliability is amazing, and with next to zero downtime, we have incredible comfort knowing my site will be up and running 99.9% of the time. If you’re getting started with your first website, whether it be an e-commerce page or a personal blog, you won’t go wrong with Siteground.

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