Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. Healthy Mind, Healthy Money.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. Healthy Mind, Healthy Money.

How Does a Healthy Body Relate to Healthy Money?

The phrase “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind” is commonly overlooked by many, especially young entrepreneurs nowadays. Majority of the highly driven entrepreneurs spend as much time as possible working on their hustles. Nights with little to no sleep, skipping important meals, missing those fun events that all of your friends are at. This is nothing new to the hard working entrepreneur.

What most young hustlers have yet to learn is that maintaining a healthy body is JUST as important as the hard work they put in daily. Eating right, exercising regularly, and maintaining an overall healthy mind state is critical during any stages of your hustle. If you’re body is lacking in energy, or “brain food”, then there is no way you’ll be able to perform at your absolute best. Its that simple.

Eating Healthy Food

It’s no surprise that proper healthy eating is beneficial in many ways. However, cooking healthy meals can be time consuming, and buying those healthy meals outside are quite pricey. So then what if I’m always on the go? As I’m constantly on the move myself, I truly understand the convenience of picking up fast food. This is one of the worst things anyone can do. Do you ever notice how drained or slow you feel after eating that cheeseburger and fries you just devoured? Yeah, chances are the crap food that you’re eating is making you feel that way. Now ,because of the “quick meal” you wanted, you not only have slowed down your body’s mechanical functions from it,  but now your mind is potentially suffering from it as well.

There is an article on WebMD on healthy eating called

In this article Jacka states,
“A diet high in saturated fats and refined sugars has a very potent negative impact on brain proteins,” So why do people still eat unhealthy? To save time? Because the food is good?

So next time, instead of going for the that tasty candy bar or bag of chips, try and eat foods that help enhance brain activity and functionality. After reviewing a list of best brain foods, you will find some very simple foods that can help boost your brain activity. Some of those things are eggs, nuts, berries, and even a morning cup of coffee! Consuming some of these amazing brain foods could be some of the simplest changes made to your morning routine and will have a strong positive impact on your day overall. Imagine how much you can accomplish with all of that boosted brain activity? A cheat meal every now and again is fine, but lets not completely alter our healthy body and mindset with the instant gratification of junk food. Remember, keep your eyes on the prize.

Getting a Good Nights Rest

“I can sleep when I’m dead.” Just about everyone has heard that line before. Tons of entrepreneurs out there will say that one of the most important aspect of a successful entrepreneur is utilizing your time wisely. Proper time management is something that most aspiring entrepreneurs are lacking. I’ve found that a majority of the go-getters hardly ever get a full nights rest. Why? Because they are endlessly putting in the hours for their hustle.

So when should you decide to close the laptop, shut your eyes and get some rest? This is where proper judgement and discipline comes into play. We all know the golden rule of getting 8 hours of sleep. However, any hard worker, hustle or not, knows and understands that feeling of “being in the zone”. And sometimes when you are “in the zone” there’s no stopping you. Whatever IT may be, you just can’t seem to stop doing it. That right there, is the drive and determination within you to get the job done, to finish the last task, to get one stop closer to the goal. This is amazing. That is the mentality that you want as a hustler. BUT with the drive to succeed, there must be the discipline to maintain your body’s health.

Whenever you over work yourself, or deprive yourself of a good nights sleep, you’re potentially hurting your progress. Why? Because now you’re tired. Now your body and mind CANT operate at their full potential. When you reach this point of exhaustion your mind and body wont be able to keep up. You’ll begin to slow down and possibly devalue your work. This can be easily avoided with a good nights sleep. Now, if you can manage to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday WITH the proper hours of sleep, then you’re already ahead of the game. The ability to do so helps with both your discipline AND your health. That’s a Win-Win if you ask me.


A Healthy and Social Personal Life

This may be iffy for some people. I’m well aware that there are people who do enjoy their alone time. More so than any public time. Although I find it to be unhealthy to live a life where you do not socialize or engage in any human contact. Humans overall are a social species, not a day goes by where we don’t speak or interact with another person.
But why is human interaction important? How does that benefit us in any way? Truth be told, there are tons of benefits.

So, What are the Health Benefits of Being Social?

For starters, as a social species we tend to feed of off our social interactions. When we meet with friends or family we, hopefully, have a great time. That genuine social interaction will transmit into your mind as a positive experience and essentially place you in a positive and driven mindset. Uplifting your inner aurora by surrounding yourself with people who you enjoy being around. That is a huge key to a healthy lifestyle.
Now you may not realize this in the moment, but when you help others you are actually helping yourself furthermore as well. When we take the time to learn a skill, we grow individually. When we share that knowledge, we’re benefiting both parties, because we both grow. Think about it, do we EVER stop learning?
As the educator, you ensure that you ALREADY understand and comprehend the material enough to properly teach and help someone else. When someone reaches this point, being a mentor or leader, they will share their knowledge with others. When this happens, the students will learn from you. At the SAME TIME you will continue mastering your skills to assure that you can help others accurately. That right there, is a real Win-Win. 

Are you currently living a lifestyle of having a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy money?

When it all comes down to it, most of these things are very simple in retrospect. Seeing friends, eating good and getting a proper nights rest can’t be hard right? That’s what you’d think, however, that’s just not the case for the daily Hustler.

Most everyone I’ve met who grinds daily is lacking in atleast one of these 3 VERY high priority keys to success. When I ask them why they knowingly miss or skip out on one of those important tips, they all have the same answer. “Time is Money”

Sure, time is money. But, what is money if you have no time?
Stay healthy out there Hustlers!

-My Millennial Hustle

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