Breaking Down The Bins

Breaking Down The Bins

Everybody has heard about “The Bins” at some point if they are a reseller…but what is all the hype about? The Goodwill Outlet Center, better known as The Bins, is a place where items are all thrown together in big plastic bins. It is essentially one big room that may resemble a warehouse. The bins are rolled in and out to keep things fresh and moving. One side of the room has bins with hard goods and the other side has the bins with clothing. Let’s get into some tips!

  1. No Gloves for the clothing bins
    • A lot of people may disagree with this statement but hear me out. When you wear gloves, you are keeping your hands clean from some pieces of clothing that may be dirty. BUT by doing so you cannot feel the different fabrics when you are digging through the piles. This is a huge part for me on how I find my clothing. Over time you will develop a better sense of touch for different fabrics. You will get a feel for jeans, sweatshirts, t shirts, bed sheets, hats, and anything else you can wear. I have begun to know when I have a good clothing item just by feeing it before I see it. You can tell by the quality of the fabric and if it feels old or if it feels fresh. This is crucial to sourcing efficiently and not missing good pieces when you can’t see it all in the piles.
  2. Go to the bins where the crowd is not at
    • Whenever the employees roll out new bins, people tend to flock to them to try to get the first dibs on the items. You should do this if it isn’t too crowded but I have found it more effienct to hit the bins that aren’t as crowded as other people source different items than you for the most part. It’s extremely easy to pass up on good items in the massive piles so it’s likely you will find good items in every single bin you look through even if it’s been sourced through already. I’m not saying to do this all the time but keep it in mind so you are not fighting with other people.
  3. Dress light
    • You will be working hard to dig through the heaps of items and it can get strenuous. I always end up stripping down to my lightest layer and still sweat like crazy. You might be digging for hours on hours straight and it is tiring. Keep things cool and try to not dress very heavy.
  4. Source now, research later
    • This step applies not only to the bins but also to thrifting in general. If you see a good item, just throw it in your cart and keep it moving. You can research it later and inspect for flaws. If you waste time doing this while sourcing, you may miss the opportunity on sourcing other good items as it takes time to inspect and research. Keep things moving and at the end, go through it all and double-check everything. Throw back the bad items, keep the good, and check out!
  5. Pay by the pound
    • The coolest part about the bins is that you pay by the pound of the items. At my locations, it costs $1.29 a pound. This means insanely low buy costs and a great way to stock up in bulk for cheap. The buy cost usually comes out to $1.25 an item for me, ranging from hats to shirts to heavy coats. It all evens out to cheap costs and is the reason the bins are the best!
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