Buying Clearance Items From Nike and Reselling on Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay Using Less Than $220

Buying Clearance Items From Nike and Reselling on Poshmark, Mercari, and eBay Using Less Than $220

Reselling on Poshmark Mercari & eBay

Selling and buying clothes online and on mobile apps isn’t anything new. Although some may say that more specifically reselling on Poshmark, Mercari and eBay has become increasingly popular over the last 5 years. I came across Poshmark from a friend of mine named Drake H, who is a reseller himself. He buys and re-sells clothes on all of those selling platforms. Knowing I had a Factory Nike Outlet just 10 minutes away from my house I figured why not add to my list of Hustles.

Buying Clothes From My Local Factory Nike Outlet

I driven past my local Nike Factory Store multiple times through the year. Who knows, I may have even purchased a pair of shoes from there before. Although never did it cross my mind to look there for a side hustle. After doing some research and seeing popular Nike clothes were on Poshmark I decided it was definitely worth looking into.

Reselling Brand New Nike Clearance Clothes on Poshmark

So finally after some research I decided it was time. I drove down to my local Nike Factory Store and right away after walking no more than 15 steps into the store I began to see some great potential for profits. All around the store there was an average of 20-50%, which was ok. But what REALLY caught my attention was hidden all the way in the back of the store, the clearance racks. On those racks I would find deals from 70% to 80% to even 90%+ off of BRAND NEW Nike products! Immediately I knew I’d be able to make some decent side money from buying these Nike clothes and reselling on Poshmark.

Reselling Brand New Clearance Nike on Poshmark

How Much Did We Spend At The Nike Factory Store?

My local Nike Factory Store outlet had PLENTY of clearance items to search through. TONS of clothes, there were probably 3 full racks of mens clothing, and 3 full racks of womens clothing. They were full of everything from things like women’s leggings and tops, to mens shorts and jackets. The back wall was full from top to bottom with BRAND NEW Nike shoes on clearance with an additional 20% off of that as well. I’m telling you, this Nike store was STACKED. 

Since I was somewhat new to this reselling on Poshmark business, and I wanted to test the waters on certain products, I decided not to go TOO CRAZY. When it came down to the total number of items purchased, I picked up a solid 19 items for a total of $202.83. Not bad if you ask me. At roughly $10-$11 an item, I was definitely in a great position to make some money. Since I was fortunate to get everything at such an incredible deal I’ll be able to sell them at a great price too. So I should have no problem flipping all of these clothes for some profits. Plus I mean come on, its Nike! Everyone likes Nike!

Reciept From Nike Store With Additional 30% Off Lowest Stickered Price

Breaking Down The Total Cost On Our Purchase

So lets check out our price breakdown here. The first number is the CLEARANCE price of the shirt BEFORE the additional 30% off. Our price written down in pen on the side are the MSRP prices off of the price tags from the store. (Sorry for my bad handwritting!) 

Right away after looking at some of these we can see the huge potential for some solid profits. Since we were able to purchase some of these items at over 80%+ discount we are in great position to price our clothes at a great discount, and still DOUBLE our money. $CHA-CHING$

Onced I removed all of the price drop tags, I was able to see the MSRP price of all of my clothing. After adding it all up I ended up acquiring a total of $1,265 worth of Nike clothing. Of course, this is all MSRP prices, so we already know this isn’t what we’ll be making once we sell it all. BUT, this still leaves plenty of room for us to set lower prices on our clothing to help ensure sales, AND still make some great profits! Profiting and making money by reselling on Poshmark is MUCH easier when you can purchase your merchandise this cheap.

Nike Reciept Breakdown With Additional 30% Off Price and MSRP Price Written Down.

Store adress and purchase info is whited out for security reasons and to help prevent competition at my local Nike Factory Store ;]

Some Of Our Clearance Rack Pick Ups for Reselling on Poshmark

Brand New $120 Mens Nike Jacket for $25 PLUS An Additional 30% Off
Reselling Brand New Clearance Nike on Poshmark

This blue Nike jacket is an easy flip. With my additional 30% off I was able to get this for $17.47 which leaves me with plenty of room for profits. MSRP for this is $120, I put it up for $50 which is more than 50% off to attract more attention to the listing. At $50 I’ll still be able to more than double my money on this, not a bad deal.

Brand New $25 Mens Nike Shirt for $3 PLUS An Additional 30% Off
Reselling Brand New Clearance Nike on Poshmark

Simple basic Nike Tees are some of my absolute favorites to purchase. After my additional 30% off this came out to be $2.07 making it next to impossible to not profit on this. I listed this item for $12 and sold it the same day in a bundle deal with another shirt (shown below).

Brand New $50 Mens Nike SB Shirt for $10 PLUS An Additional 30% Off
Reselling Brand New Clearance Nike on Poshmark

This black Nike SB Polo is a solid opportunity in my opinion. A very easy neutral color with a nice SB logo on the shirt, this is an easy sell. I picked these up for $6.96 after my 30% off. I put them up for sale for $22 and had sold some that same day. Off of one sale at $22 I took home $17.60 after seller fees, which covered 2 of these shirts with some change.

Its All About The Numbers!

Trust me, I know most of you are seeing that $120 jacket and wondering why I’m selling it for more than half off right of the bat. Truth be told, you’re not the only person reselling on Poshmark, eBay, or Mercari selling Nike at this great of a deal. So if you want to make some quick sales, cheaper is better. Of course if you wanted to try and get the most out of it, you can list it for higher and wait for the big fish to bite, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Personally I choose to list them for lower to try and move more products out. Since I have a local Nike Factory Store its almost like having an endless supply of products. So why not sell much as much as I can? Remember, it’s a numbers game, and profit is profit.

Now, keep in mind all of these BRAND NEW Nike clothes were on the clearance racks already listed at 70-90%+ off before we got our ADDITIONAL 30% off. Meaning we got all of these clothes at a killer price. Being that we were able to get all of this merchandise for so cheap, we can afford to sell it for well below MSRP and still make some solid profits on our side. I personally choose to start at AT LEAST 50% off of MSRP and then I’ll go from there. Seeing clothes for under 50%+ is very attractive to buyers.

Know What Sells Best For you

Of course like anything else, some items will sell better than others. I’ve had great success with shorts, while I struggle trying to sell some golf shirts. Those shorts I can leave at 50% off and still sell them, but the golf shirts are harder to sell, so I start them at 60-70%+ off. Knowing what sells and what doesn’t will be very important. Obviously you don’t want to stock up on inventory that you won’t be able to sell. So keep this all in mind next time you go shopping at the outlets!

Post Your Nike Merchandise and Start Reselling on Poshmark!

My least favorite part; Posting my merchandise. Posting all of your new Nike merchandise can take a ton of time, especially when you have to take off the sale tags. Once I get back home I start off by taking off the sales tags, following up with photos. The photos I take vary depending on the clothing. Simple T-shirts I do 3 photos. Front, tag, and back. While other items like jackets I’ll add more photos of the features of the item. Everyone loves to see all of the extras, so show them!

In this particular listing I took a few different photos. I included photos of the pockets, as well as with the jacket open, since some people like to see inside. I ended up picking up 3 of these jackets, so I have multiple available. When you post availability it will ask for the sizes you have. I add in the brand, color, and New With Tags, since it’s brand new.

Pricing Your Listing for Reselling on Poshmark

When it comes down to pricing I have my own set of prices that I typically do for clothing. For example most of my T-Shirts go for $12, while shorts start around $15. This jacket in particular I will start at $50 and go from there. I bought it for $18, so as long as I take home $36 I’ll be happy. As I mentioned before, Doubling my money is the goal for this.

Keep in mind that this is my choice to list them this low. If you’d like to list it for higher you most definitely can. I’ve seen plenty of SOLD items for higher than what I put them for. I just personally prefer to move more merchandise as quickly as possible. 

Reselling on Poshmark

Let's Start Reselling on Poshmark!

Reselling Brand New Nike Clearance Clothes on Poshmark

Basic Nike Tees are some of my absolute favorite things to pick up at the Nike store. They end up going for so cheap you can’t say no! I bought this BRAND NEW Nike shirt for $2 and turned around and sold it for $12. After the fees I profited about $9, which means I just 4X my money. Now if this is just once a day or once a week, then it will take you a while to make some good money. But if you were to have a bunch of sales throughout the day, each one of those $7+ profits start to add up. Not only that, but all of those sales get added to your sales count, and that higher count will help make you look better to potential buyers.

Reselling Brand New Nike Clearance Clothes on Poshmark

I also sell used clothing, so this Oregon Ducks shirt was sold along with one of the brand new Nike shirts that I acquired for $2. The Oregon Ducks shirt I picked up for $2, so this total bundle costed me $4. After the fees I ended up with an earnings of $12, which is 3X the $4 I initially started with. Blending your used clothing with your new clothing is a great way to bundle and get rid of some inventory. I always do what I can to move more products, even if it cuts out of my profits a little. As long as I profit, I’m happy!

Easy Profit Potential!

Reselling Brand New Nike Clearance Clothes on Poshmark

As I mentioned before this black Nike SB polo shirt was a great buy. Simple and cheap, very easy for me. Right away after putting them up for $22 I got some bites. After the sale I ended up with $17.60. Minus $6.96 for the initial cost of the shirt I end up with roughly a $10 profit. I said it before and I’ll say it again, these small profits add up!

Reselling Brand New Nike Clearance Clothes on Poshmark

These were some pretty awesome running pants I do have to say. I put them up that same day for $30 and shortly after I got an offer for $25. Since it was the same day I didn’t hassle and accepted it. I took home $20 after fees, and I bought them for $10.47. So I profited about $10, which is a solid profit to me. Why would you say no to doubling your money? Seriously?

Buy Nike. Resell on Poshmark. Wash Rinse Repeat!

Buying and reselling on Poshmark eBay and Mercari may not be for everyone, but for those who are looking for another side hustle to make some money, this may be for you! If you can establish a solid dependable source of merchandise to flip then you’re set!

I do have to say, having my Nike Factory Store definitely makes things a whole lot easier. I live about 10 minutes away, so I do make frequent trips there.

Now for those of you who say you don’t have a local outlet store to go to, that’s not gonna cut it. Once while I was out sourcing at my local factory outlet I met a man who drives across state lines, over 1,000 miles round-trip, to source at my Nike Factory Store. He comes and picks up thousands of dollars in merchandise and goes back home and sells it all. If he’s willing to put in the effort to make it happen then why can’t you? It’s possible. You just have to go hustle and get it. 

just do it nike resell on poshmark
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